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How To Choose a Graphic Designer For Your Business

How do you choose a Graphic Designer in Worcester that is the right fit for your business? There are so many Graphic Designers to choose from so how can you know that the designer you choose will be the right one and deliver a successful design or brand for you?

Alison Evans sitting working on graphic design on her laptop in Worcester
Alison Evans Experienced Graphic Designer from Pershore, Worcester


  1. Always connect with the Graphic Designer you choose, they are the expert on digging into the detail of your business and understanding your business goals and relaying this visually to your customers. You and your Graphic Designer need to be honest and be able to talk freely on ideas for how your branding or design should look; Your company ethos needs to be in every design.

  2. The right Graphic Designer will be interested in your business and not just in a single design job. Building a relationship is important as this will come across in the graphic design work they produce as the design will be super tailored to you and your business. Any graphic designer can create a pretty picture, but does the design work they produce actually convey the message about your business quickly and accurately?

  3. Research your local area on Graphic Designers. You may think that a freelance graphic designer or small agency may not be the right fit but you may be mistaken; these Graphic Designers are like gold nuggets, they are passionate about design and want success for your business as well as theirs. Large Graphic Design agencies are not always the best choice, as projects may be handed through the studio to junior designers with no experience. I am a Worcester Graphic Designer working from my home office and working on successful brands throughout the UK from businesses small and large, sometimes location does not matter.

  4. Decide on a budget for your graphic design, make sure it is realistic for its needs. A good Graphic Designer in Worcester or anywhere in the UK will need to understand this before taking on your design project. Remember that the graphic design or brand they produce is at the forefront of your business when you are not usually there, this design will be backing up the reasons why your customers should buy into your business on literature, social or online, cheap is not always best. The graphic design your customers see is going to be a reflection of your business, if the design looks like it has not been cared for it may mean that your customers believe that you do not care for their business too.

  5. Follow your gut instinct. You are a business person and you will undoubtably know the right fit for your business or graphic design project. Ask other business owners who they have used. Graphic design is more than just creating a logo, brochure or website – it is about delivering the feeling of your business though graphic design.

Why not get in touch, I can be your Graphic Designer in Worcester or the UK


To be honest, you probably have more important decisions to make than trying to learn the design industry, it can be a little complicated. Why not contact me to support you on all aspects of your Graphic Design and Branding? Reach out to me to start a conversation.


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