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Top Tips On Creating A Successful Brand In 2023

Alsion Evans Successful Brand Designer from Pershore Worcester. Sitting at a desk designing great brands
Alison Evans Successful Brand Designer

The pressure is on and you’ve been tasked with developing a successful brand and you are not sure how to go about it? I can tell you how with these top 10 tips…

I have created a few brands over the years and my most successful brand is a mobile accessory brand turning over millions of £'s each year.


The easiest way is to think of your brand is as a person; people have personalities, voices and characters and so do BRANDS, so does YOUR brand. What makes up their characteristics?

  1. How do they look? This is your BRAND LOGO, where everything starts.

  2. What clothes do they wear? This is your BRAND COLOUR PALETTE and PACKAGING.

  3. What are their main character traits? Are they seen as fun, sensible, energetic, strong? This defines your BRANDS PERSONALITY.

  4. How do they feel, their ethos, are they eco conscious, carefree, are they driven? These are represented as your BRANDS CORE VALUES.

  5. Their voice, what do they sound like? Are they subtle, funny, happy? This is the BRANDS TONE OF VOICE, how your BRAND ENGAGES with its customers and how they speak in copy and with the type of language is used.

  6. What slogans do they use? This is your BRANDS TAGLINE or catchphrase that represents your brands core values quickly and is to be used in all of your brands promotion.

  7. Where do they hang out? This is where your BRAND is predominantly seen or viewed such as Instagram, Facebook, Linked-In, In-store, Trade Shows, not all platforms will suit so be choosy.

  8. Their friends and family, who are they, what age are they and what is the demographic? This is who your BRAND APPEALS to, your BRAND AUDIENCE and who is relating and buying into your brand.

  9. What are their aspirations, where are they going, how do they get there, what are their aims? This is your BRAND PLAN and STRATEGY.

  10. What are their interests, hobbies or career? This is related to the BRAND MARKET SECTOR, where your brand sits such as Tech, Fashion, Toys, Gift and so on.


So it is simple, ask each of these questions every time you create a design such as a social post, brochure, presentation, packaging, new product or when you write copy and you can not go wrong. Ask yourself If you do not know your brands characteristics or core values then how will your potential customers know? These 10 points will ensure brand consistency , the growth and direction of your brand. If you keep to these 10 tips you will ensure you are appealing to your target market and you are being relevant, interesting and being engaging with your customers.


Once you have defined your 10 brand characteristics I recommend you to create a simple guideline pack, write it down and share this with colleagues. Everyone within your business can then easily understand your brand and its vision, this will make your brand grow quicker and will deliver a confident, consistent personality throughout your business.

Successful Juice mobile accessory branding, packaging design, graphic design, product design, CDU & POS design, Instore display and website design. Successful brand turning over millions each year due to exceptional brand execution
Juice Mobile Accessories | Brand Design

Juice branding examples, for the full range visit


Follow my blog and I will expand on my top 10 branding tips to help you on your brand journey. NEXT STEP To be honest, you probably have more important decisions to make than trying to learn design and branding, it can be a little complicated. Why not contact me to support you on all aspects of your brand?

Based in the UK I am a Brand Designer & Graphic Designer that also specialises in Packaging Design. You will find my offices in Pershore Worcestershire but I am able work flexibly around the UK remotely; so if you are based in London, Oxford, Manchester, Birmingham, The Midlands or even Scotland I am here and ready to help you on your design journey.

I am a Graphic Designer in Worcester, helping businesses stand out with design, let me know if you enjoyed my blog?

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